Thursday, January 12, 2012

Surprise 10th Birthday

I have been so behind with life that keeping up with the blog seemed like a pipe dream.  However, I need an outlet, this seems like a good place to meet that need :)  On August 20th our third baby turned 10.  He was going to be our last baby, DH even had the vasectomy to ensure that, but sometime after he turned 3 I started yearning to expand our family.  Dh and I discussed it and researched our options and decided on a vasectomy reversal.  Now C is our middle child and he had for a few years asked to have a birthday party where he takes Taekwondo.  Unfortunately for him we used to always travel near his birthday and the cost of the party was just not within our financial limits.  This year though we decided not to go on that trip and he got the party he wanted!  To make it more special we decided to surprise him.  Not an easy task but everyone did a good job of helping us keep it a secret.  C loves Lego so it wasn't difficult to come up with a theme.  I went back to my favourite Aussie party printable seller on Etsy and bought the printables. 

On the day while C was showering, M and I ran out to pick up the pre-ordered balloons (under the guise of picking up a gift).  J was going to bring C, O, F and S to meet us at a restaurant for lunch (we always go out for a birthday meal) where we would give him this gift :).  Alas the car broke down ;) when we were by the dojo so they had to come and get us from there.   All the guests had already arrived and M and I had set up the party table, so when C walked in everyone was ready to yell "Surprise".  The look on his face was priceless and I am so glad we were able to pull it off.  A big thanks to all of our favourite people who made his 10th birthday one to remember.

Campbell walking in the door to our "Surprise!"

Lemon and Chocolate cupcakes, Campbell's favourites

All worship Campbell

Cutting the cupcakes with the Samurai Sword

Printables for the goody boxes.  I bought the boxes at Walmart for $1 per four and used my cricut to cut out 4 inch and 3 inch circles in primary colours.  I then used raised craft stickers to adhere the circles together and give them a little more visual interest.  Inside there were peanut butter cups with birthday printables on them, fastbreaks, lemon heads with a lego printable topper and a baggy of loose legos for free building.

I found sticker paper that can survive the ice and printed the printables I purchased.  I tried several different paperes and spent more than I probably should have but having cold water was very important to me :)

We kept this sign for his room, I think it is so clever and love that he can have it as a keepsake.

After the party we went out to lunch/dinner.  Campbell ordered ribs, I know it's blurry but this picture is so him :)

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