Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's heating up over here!

So what is more appropriate in warm weather than Iced Coffee?  I first saw a wonderful tutorial on The Pioneer Woman's site here and decided to give it a shot.  There were multiple steps and some time involved but none of it was difficult.

I purchased these big (giant) jars at Wal-Mart for around $10 each.  They were such a good deal.  Now I use them to store sugar and flour on my kitchen counter for easy access while baking!  I love them.  You leave the coffee and water in the jar for around 8 hours or longer and then strain into second container. 

 I lined the mesh strainer with cheesecloth as was recommended in the original tutorial.  I really didn't want stray coffee grounds. Blech.  Here it is straining through the cheesecloth and the mesh strainer. It doesn't look so appetizing but it smelled so good (if you like the smell of coffee), I do!

I poured the finished product into a drink dispenser so we could just pop it in the fridge and access easily when we needed an icy pick-me-up.

I like my iced coffee with whole milk and a couple of spoons of sugar.  I like slurping up some crunchy bits of (not yet dissolved) sugar and creamy cold coffee.  Yum.  I am definitely intrigued to try The Pioneer Woman's other variations of this simple recipe.  So glad the weather is getting warmer so we can drink more icy coffee drinks :)

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