Monday, February 6, 2012


My oldest child turned 15 today.  It's so bittersweet.  I remember holding her as a newborn after giving birth in the water and feeling like I could conquer the world with my newly discovered superpowers!  Now she is a freshman in highschool, independent, confident, intelligent, athletic and FUN!  I can't believe I have been a mother for 15 years, makes me feel terribly old.  The two year old running around seems to make me feel the same way!

My lovely daughter isn't a big fan of cake so she asked for something different this year, it is a twist on an Australian dessert called Vanilla Slice.  I served it in bite size pieces at our Australia Day party and I guess she REALLY liked it :)  I took my inspiration from this recipe which is actually quite different from a traditional vanilla slice.  I plan on making a traditional version at some point, yum.

I did cheat a little and used Bird's custard mix that I purchased in the British food section of my local grocery store.  Making custard isn't my favourite thing to do and by using the mix I eliminate the stress of scrambling the eggs, which causes me great anxiety.

I am looking forward to enjoying this later!  Hopefully I can figure out how to get a candle in it :/

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