Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TWD - White Bread

How exciting, this is the first recipe for TWD Baking with Julia!  I always looked forward to Tuesdays to venture around to many of my favourite blogs out there and see their TWD posts.  Now I have the opportunity to post my own.  Yay!   I made the bread twice, well actually I made the dough twice and the cards just weren't in my favour the first time through.  I have made lots of bread before but I was just not on my game and ended up giving up and throwing the dough away.  Don't let that discourage you, it was ALL ME!  The recipe is so easy to follow and is quite simple to make, it was just one of those days I suppose. 

If you would like the recipe you will find it here http://someonekitchen.blogspot.com/ or you can buy Baking with Julia so it will be available at your fingertips anytime :)

Here is the only progress picture I took. I used the proof setting on my oven to proof the dough most of the way, then took it out to preheat the oven.  I was so grateful for that setting because the kitchen is currently a bit too chilly for me to get a good environment for dough to rise......brrrrrr

I tortured two of my boys a little while I took pictures of the finished product.  They love homemade bread (who doesn't?) and couldn't wait to slice off their own piece to critique inhale ;)

I baked one in an aluminum bread pan and one in a silicon and I actually like the consistent shape of the silicon pan more.  The top of the other one was kind of wonky, but it still passed the taste test!

This is my preferred method of consumption!  TOAST!! Covered in melty REAL butter!

I am so glad to have our first baking assignment behind us, don't get me wrong, it was fun but with so many unknowns about how it all works I had a little additional anxiety on top of the baking part of the assignment.  No worries, one day I will be a seasoned TWD veteran!  Thanks for getting a new group going Jules and Laurie 


  1. I think the blogging and picture taking are much harder than the actual cooking for these things! Your bread looks great. Makes me wish my boys were little and here wanting me to slice them a piece of warm bread.

  2. Welcome to the group. The bread looks great. I indulged in some delicious buttered toast, too. Good stuff!

  3. My girls are vultures when it comes to bread out of the oven. It's a good feeling, isn't it?

  4. You'll get the hang of it! Glad you got to make (and eat) some successful bread.