Monday, April 9, 2012

Colouring Easter eggs

I always have the best intentions to decorate eggs with the kids before Easter Sunday.   However, for some reason we always end up doing them ON Easter Sunday.  I wish I was more organised and less of a procrastinator but I am a 

I took inspiration from different blogs I follow. Surprise! :)  At Artful Parent she demonstrated how to use hole reinforcement stickers to create designs.  At Crap I've Made she used rubber cement to create a design on her eggs.  We used both of these methods, I had a 14yr old, 10yr old, 5yr old (with help from 15yr old) and 2yr old decorating eggs.  As you can imagine I was a little distracted and only took one process shot of dying the eggs! 

Lady S used a mini whisk to hold her eggs in the dye.  I found this to be much easier than her using a spoon because the temptation to stir and splash dye all over the place is strong with this one!  My 15 year old said she saw this somewhere online and suggested I try it, I am glad she did.  It worked really well.  When removing a couple of her eggs some of the dye scratched off the side but she didn't notice, she just wanted to stick stickers on and dip the eggs in and out of the dye.  If you think my child doesn't own clothing, you are wrong.  She owns lots and lots of beautiful clothes, keeping them on her is a wholenutherstory :/

When I went to the office supply area of the store (to get the hole reinforcement stickers) I saw some other stickers that I thought we could use.  So I bought stars and polka dots as well as a bag of rubber bands for wrapping around the eggs before dying. 

What I found really interesting about Artful Parent's eggs is that she used brown eggs.  I NEVER dye brown eggs and didn't this year but I am definitely going to give that a try in the future!  My colours on my eggs were not as rich as either bloggers.  I am determined to get my eggs as bright and perfectly dyed as they were at both Artful Parent and Crap I've Made! 

Below is a picture of some of the eggs we dyed.  I will add more if I get a chance to photograph them before the kids eat them :)  The hole reinforcement stickers were challenging to get off and some left a sticky residue on the eggs.  The stars were easy to get off and sometimes peeled up at the edges or came off in the dye, so it was difficult to get a perfect star.  The polka dot stickers were easy to get off and stuck well to the eggs to make cute polka dot eggs.  They were my favourite design.  The rubber cement was a bit tricky at first but I got the hang of it.  I like how the eggs looked with the rubber cement design (both the pink and blue eggs pictured below used that method).  All in all the polka dot was my favourite though. 

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